Spectrum software version 5.40 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Spectrum software version 5.40, which includes numerous updates and new features in LiST and the other modules within Spectrum. Updates of note include:

  • Updated help files: The help files for the LiST module have been revised and brought fully up-to-date, with source references for all coverage and effectiveness values. Please refer to the help files often as you use the software by clicking on the blue question-mark “Help” icon!
  • Missed Opportunities tool: The MO tool has been recently revamped and is intended as a “first glance” at opportunities for coverage scale-up. It allows users to explore the effect of individually scaling up interventions from the current coverage level in a given country to 90% coverage, to see which intervention scale-up would allow for the greatest number of lives saved. You can access the tool by clicking the icon on the Spectrum start screen.
  • Subnational wizard: This brand-new wizard walks you through how to create a projection for a subnational region of a country (such as a district or province). It allows users to input additional data to adjust demographic, health status, and coverage data from national levels in order to create an accurate picture of conditions in the subnational region. You can access the wizard by clicking the icon on the Spectrum start screen.
  • Single indicator of stunting/wasting: The method for setting targets for stunting and wasting rates has been greatly simplified in LiST. Users may now enter a single target for stunting and/or wasting, and the software will automatically disaggregate this rate across stunting/wasting categories and age groups. You can find this feature in the “Coverage” menu when “Direct Entry of Stunting/Wasting” is enabled (see help file for details).
  • Updated health status and coverage data: The LiST database is continually updated as new information is available. Recent updates include 2015 IGME mortality data, updates to maternal and child cause of death distributions, 2015 WHO/UNICEF vaccine data, and recent DHS and MICS surveys in numerous countries. You can view the data source within a projection by right-clicking on a coverage estimate and selecting “Data Source (row).”
  • Updates to other modules: Other recent updates in the Spectrum software include incorporation of the 2015 UN Population projections into the DemProj module and 2015 UNAIDS data into the AIM module.

We encourage you to download the new software version by visiting the “Downloads” page of our website.


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