LiST Resources for Users

Many resources are available to assist you while using LiST!


Help Files

Click the blue question-mark icon located throughout the Spectrum software to access the LiST help documentation. This is kept constantly up-to-date by the LiST team and contains definitions of each intervention, source of coverage data, and a reference to the journal article that contains the intervention's effectiveness value. 


Coverage Sources

Within a LiST projection, right-click on any coverage estimate and choose "Data Source (row)" to view the source of that data. You can also go to Results > Tools > Source Summary to view a list of all sources used for that country.

Training Materials

Visit the LiST website to view a variety of instructional videos, PowerPoint presentations, and documents on how to use the software: http://livessavedtool.org/training


Training Workshops & Webinars

Join our mailing list to be informed of upcoming training opportunities: http://livessavedtool.org/contact-us


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