Spectrum software version 5.53 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Spectrum software version 5.53, which includes numerous updates to LiST, in particular related to nutrition.


Over the past year and a half, with support from the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, the LiST team and a scientific advisory group composed of nutrition experts (academics and program implementers) has worked to update the nutrition modeling components of LiST. The results of this review process will be published in a forthcoming journal supplement in Journal of Nutrition.


Revisions to the software have been incorporated in the current version release. A list of technical updates is attached. An overview of the LiST nutrition model is available on our website under the "Training" tab. As always, the LiST Visualizer is an excellent reference to explore the linkages in LiST and the evidence base supporting the model.


In order to discuss the nutrition revisions in more depth and answer users' questions, the LiST team will hold a Nutrition Webinar on Thursday, April 6 at 9:00-10:30 AM EST (1:00-2:30 PM UTC). Please use the following URL to join: https://connect.johnshopkins.edu/list-nutrition/and enter as a “Guest.” Be sure to check that your speakers are working before joining the webinar. A recording of the webinar will be made available on our website for those who are not able to join live.


Please download Spectrum version 5.53 from our website here


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