I have data available for 1992 up to 2016. I want to have projection up to 2030.


1. Projection parameters mentioned in documentation include the option to select urban/rural. This option it's not available in the program. What it's wrong? 

2. While having another data to replace default data set offered for  Romania I'm wondering how to edit the default data:

2.1 Edit first year of projection for  Pop by sex and age (done). It's about only rural population. I have data for 1992 up to 2016, but I can give only the first year. I'm wondering how to take advantage of whole data series.

2.2 Total fertility rate. I can replace the data for the period 1992-2016, but the next years until 2030 remain as default, which it's not consistent, because my data are related only to rural pop.  How to edit/estimate the years after 2016 ? I was thinking that the program can do that ( as they are not available and supposed to be estimated) - out of interpolation.

2.3 edit of ASFR: I can replace all data 1992 -2016, but what to do for 2017 -2030? t ASFR structure of default data are estimated for the total population, but my data are only for rural population. For both TFR and ASFR the difference for rural are important comparing with total country.

2.4 Same for life expectancy. Replacing data for 1992-2016 with rural data, the rest for 2017-2030 remains as for total country. How to estimate it?

2.5 International migration. As the data are for total country and I have no data for rural, maybe it will be better to not use it. How it will be possible?


Thank you for any help,



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